How to Become a World Class Fashion Designer

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.

Fashion design is a booming industry all over the world. People are interested in new type of clothing and accessories every day. This creates a market with over 7 billion customers with a $2.4 trillion worth(According to McKinsey 2017 Survey).

A fashion designer typically does the following;

- Study fashion trends and anticipated designs that will appeal to customers.

- Use sketches and computer-aided design to create designs.

- Select fabrics, embellishments, color or a style for each garment or accessory.

- Work with other designers or team members to create prototype designs.

- Oversee final production of their designs

- Market their designs to clothing retailers/consumers

To become a fashion designer you need a diploma in fashion design and garment making. Hemland College of Professional and Technical Studies offers the course in a well-equipped workshop.

To make sure you’re more competitive in the market, we provide you with free computer packages training and a free international language e.g. French, Spanish or German.

To be a fashion designer you need to have:


Fashion designers work with a variety of fabrics, shapes and colors .You must be able to create unique functional and stylish designs.

Detail oriented

Fashion designers must have a good eye for a small difference in color and other details to be successful.

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Some of best fashion designers include:

- Sally Karago

- Patricia Mbela

- John Kaveke

- Coco Chanel

- Donna Karan

- Giorgio Armani

- Calvin Klein

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