Why you Need an ICDL Certificate

Technology has changed the world we live in. We're online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They are the epicentre of our social, economic and political lives. We all need to be able to effectively utilize them.

Have you just completed your high school and waiting to join college/university?

Are you in college/university?

Are you through with college and now looking for a job?

Are you employed or in business?

Would you like to be able to run a successful digital marketing cmapaign, create stunning presentations, keep business records etc?

If your answer is yes to one of the questions above, you really need International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Certificate

Here are the reasons why:

  • It is a comprehensive course that imparts you with skills necessary in creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.
  • It gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is an internationally recognized computer course

The course takes one to twelve months, depending on the number of modules you are taking and the hours you study per day. Hemland College provides the training on a flexible schedule to suit each learner's needs.

Digital Citizen Presentation Advanced Word Processing
Digital Citizen Plus Online Collaboration Advanced Speadsheets
Computer Essentials I.T Security Advanced Database
Online Essentials Digital Marketing Project Planning
Word processing Using Databases

After completion you’re awarded with the ICDL Certificate.

Where to study ICDL

ICDL has accredited a few colleges to train and administer exams leading into an internationally recognized certificate, ICDL. Hemland College is one of few colleges.

There is a very high demand for the certificate. Hemland College endevours to provide personalised training to each learner to suit their individual needs. For this reason, we admit a limited number students per month. We therefore advise that you book your slot early enough. You may visit our campus for application or just click here to apply online.

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