Why Hemland College is the Ultimate Technical College

We really care about your success in exams and future career; hence, we built systems and facilities to ensure you succeed

Before joining a college, you need to carry out a thorough due diligence on it. Some colleges are not recognized by the Ministry of Education and therefore the certificates you acquire from them are not recognized by the employer. This leads to loss of all your money and effort invested.

There are numerous reasons why Hemland College is the ultimate choice college. This is attested by over 7,000 alumni who have studied at Hemland College and secured lucrative jobs all over the world.

Here are the key reasons to choose Hemland College

1. We have ultra-modern facilities.

We have equipped our Labs and workshops with the state of art facilities. This is something you’ll find in every few colleges in Kenya.

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2. We endeavor to provide best quality education. It is in our Culture!!

We are built on the tradition of quality education .This is the main reason as why 98% of our students pass all local and international exams (KNEC, NITA, City and Guilds)

3. Best lecturers

We carefully recruit, train and regularly evaluate our lectures and tutors, and therefore our lecturers give maximum attention to our students.

4. We are in the CBD Of Thika town

We are in the CBD of Thika town. This makes Hemland College easily accessible to our part-time and day-scholar students.

5. We are accredited by various local and international training bodies.

These include:

- Kenya National Examination Council(KNEC)

- National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

- Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board.(KASNEB)

- International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

- Institute of Commercial Management

- City and Guilds

6. Free Transport

We offer free transport, to and from our campus, to students living Thika, Makongeni, Juja, Muguga and their environs

7. We have a vast network of employers.

This ensures that our students effortlessly and easily secure places for attachments and jobs. We also consult with the employers on the skill sets they need so as to equip our students with them. Our students are stand tall as “full baked” graduates.

8. Free computer packages and international languages.

We provide our students with free computer packages course as well an international language of their choice This is available free for students pursuing long courses i.e. 6 months and above

9. We have numerous co-curricular activities including games, academic and social trips, beauty pageant, debating etc.

10. We Nuture talents

At Hemland College we identify and nurture talents and gifts of our students.

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