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If you consider the contribution of plumbing to human life, the other sciences fade into insignificance.

You finished your high school or college and you can’t really figure out the career path to take. You aren’t sure whether you’ll like the career, whether it pays adequately, whether it will be soon replaced by computers and artificial intelligence, do you have what it takes for the job in the list endless. The process of finding a suitable career has now become a “mini-career” for you as Hemland College we hire psychologists and career experts to develop a system that can be used systematically by visually everyone to find a career that they would love and would adequately pay them now and in future. After extensive research, they come up with following steps.

Try them out, you won’t fail, we can guarantee that.

1. Assess yourself

We are all different with different capabilities. People are “wired” naturally to work in different careers. Psychologists have divide people in 16 different personalities which define their career path These includes analysts, diplomats, experts etc. You can easily find what personality you fall into by completing personality test readily available online. Complete at least and find the personality will be given in 4/5 letters eg ISFJ , ISFJ , ENTP etc After getting your personality type just Google search careers for the four letters you got as your personality test. Eg Careers for INTP Or Careers for ENTJ These are results you’ll get point out to the careers you’re naturally wired to pursue

You can get the test with the following sites for free

2. Make a list of occupations to explore Make a list of all the courses you find online that are suitable for your personality. Find as many as possible list them on a paper.

3. Explore the occupations in your list. Go through the list you created in step two .There are some careers you would definitely not want to be in cancel them out Also find general information about each of them

4. Create a “short list" By now you know which occupation in the list above most are appending to you Select a few of them, between 3-5

5. Conduct informational interviews for the three occupations; carry out a thorough research about them. You may organize to meet already in them to get more information. The information you need to know include:

- The training required to get into occupation

- How computers , robots and artificial interagency will affect the future of the occupation

- How much people in the occupation make

- Requirement for you to join the occupation

- The job market size

- The salary

- Any other relevant information you may get

6. Make your career choice by the time you complete step 5 , it is crystal clear in your mind what career path to take. Select one.

7. Create a career action plan depending with career you’ve chose, create a plan on how to achieve it.

Typically it starts with getting some training / education. This is where Hemland College comes in. We offer multiple courses in a various faculties. Click here to view the list of courses we offer.

8. Walk the plan Congratulations, you’re now among the 8% people who have identified the right careers for themselves.

Start to put your plan to actions .Your first help most likely being to get some training identify a good college to launch your career we have created a check list to determine the best college. Click here to find out how you can choose the right colleges.

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