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A make-up artist is the artist responsible for creating unique or enhanced looks. He/she applies makeup and prosthetics to aesthetically enhance or create special appearances.

We have compiled a list of makeup techniques:

1. Fashion

This make up is used before photo/videography mainly for TV, films, magazine and advertising purposes with main aim of enhancing the appearance of the client.

2. Special effects makeup

The artist uses cosmetics and prosthetics to create appearance of bruises, cuts, blood, old age, deformities, mutations and more. The artist is also charged with creating monsters using make up and prosthetics.

3. Bridal makeup

The artist uses make up to enhance the appearances of brides and bridesmaids before a wedding.

4. Theatrical makeup

Theatrical makeup is used as a method in conjunction with stage lighting to highlight the actors’ faces in order to make facial expressions more visible to the audience from moderate distances. It often includes defining eyes and lips as well as the highlights and lowlights of the facial bones

To become a make-up artist, you need a diploma in cosmetology(Hair Dressing and Beauty); you may later specialize in a makeup specialization of your choice. Hemland College offers the course .We have experienced makeup artists as tutors to teach and guide you to become a rock star makeup artist.

A career as a makeup artist; Makeup artists find opportunities in:

- TV Production

Most televisions stations have official make artists tasked with make up of presenters and other guests

- Film production

Film production makeup artists are required in huge numbers to create special effects e.g. old age , blood ooze, monster etc.

- Weddings and events

Makeup artist services are needed in every wedding and other such events to provide make up to the attendees

- Salon / Beauty parlors

This is where most makeup artists work. Their work involves enhancement of clients’ appearances

Notable make up artists include:

- Muthoni Njoba

- Kangai Mwiti

- Ruth Kinuthia

- Kevyn Aucoin

- Rich Baker

- Bobbi Brown

- John Chamber

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